Johnny Schaefer

Review: Melissa Manchester's You Gotta Love the Life


I often read reviews of musicians, films, books or plays that I love and quickly become aware that the critic is not even a fan of the genre or artist he or she is reviewing. That isn’t really helpful to me. I want to know if someone like me is likely to appreciate it. Sometimes I can figure out whether I might like it, even if it’s a bad review, by what they say. 

Why You Should Still Buy Music (Even if you don't "have" to)


I get it. Times are tight and we need to stretch our money as far as we can. That's why people flock to Walmart even if they often express discomfort with the reasons those prices are so low. We work hard for our money. We want to get as much out of it as we can. Therein lies the rub. Musicians, artists, authors and many others work really hard, too. Yet more often than not, people don't think twice about downloading music from pirate sites, burning music off of CDs friends have purchased, and streaming from sites that don't fairly compensate artists.

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