Track 10: Here's What I Want

Track 10: Here's What I Want

A playful tribute to the Psychadelic Furs and David Bowie all at the same time, this song is an earnest plea to get real.  

Here's What I Want

What's this I see?

You've been…


Track 11: Lighten Up

Track 11: Lighten Up music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

Mumford and Sons-type folk vocal ballad about perfectionism and procrastination.

Lighten Up

Eddie was a timid young man

not most confident around

told himself he must be perfect,

so he…

Track 12: It's About Love-Celebration Mix

It's About Love-Celebration Mix

Music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer 

After California’s Prop 8 passed in 2008, stripping basic rights from millions of California citizens, I wrote “It’s About Love”, a marriage equality anthem.  I was privileged to sing the…


Track 13: Invocation: Featuring Marianne Williamson

Track 13: Invocation: The Golden Sequence and "A Way In" featuring Marianne Williamson

This recording is really what gave rise to my recording an album.  I am a cantor at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood, CA.  On Pentecost I was…


Track 14: Follow your Road

Track 14: Follow your Road-music and lyrics by Bob Wilson, I first heard this song performed at a jazz festival held at Disneyland in the early 80s by Angela Bofill.  Her performance was magnificent and I fell in love…


Track 15: Mashup: Row, Row/Moon River

Mashup:  Row, Row/Moon River-Music by Henry Mancinci, lyrics by Johnny Mercer-I've always thought Row. Row, Row Your Boat was actually a profound song.  No song stays around as long as it has if there isn't something to it and…


Track 16: Wake Up!-featuring Marianne Williamson

Track 16: Wake Up!-featuring Marianne Williamson, Most of the recording of Marianne Williamson here was taken from her New Year's Ever lecture at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills as we entered 2012.  The lecture was streamed live all…


Track 17: Love Shines On

Track 17: Love Shines On-music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer, This song was originally the finale for a musical I wrote.  It is meant as a positive uprising of oppressed minorities as a testament for the ultimate, inevitable triumph…