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Johnny Schaefer's New Single: While You are Right in Front of Me

A Dynamic follow-up to "Unflown"

A powerful new ballad written during the height of the pandemic as Johnny and his husband were caregivers for his parents, who were in hospice in Olympia, WA and died a few months apart (unrelated to COVID.) The song's achingly beautiful melody and poetic lyrics speak to the importance of living in the moment and not putting off things that matter.

I don't think much about breathin'
Until I'm turnin' blue 
I never spend any time grievin'
'til suddenly, it's all I do
I never worry about food or drink
Until there's nothin' left to eat
I need to tell you that I love you
While you are right in front of me



While You are Right in Front of Me

Johnny Schaefer

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A powerful ballad about the imnportance of doing and saying the things that matter NOW. LISTEN TO A SAMPLE here and use the links below to find the whole song on your favorite downloading and streaming sites, or download here. Al lot of time, money and energy goes into this, so tips are welcome on the home page.Thanks for supporting Indie Music! More to come!

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