Track 1: Little Bits of Heaven


Little Bits of Heaven

This song has evolved over the years as I have grown musically and personally.  I originally wrote it not long after graduating from college as I was coming to terms with my sexuality and understanding what that meant for me.  My father was a Lutheran minister and had recently passed away.  The "wise man" I met up with in the song was my therapist, another Lutheran minister who helped me see that being gay is part of who God made me to be and that it was a gift.  It certainly taught me and those close to me new things about love!  When I was a kid, I remember a kid once asking me while I smiled all the time.  During the period when I could no longer fight who I was, I remember someone asking me why I never smiled.  REO Speedwagon's I Can't Fight this Feelin' Anymore took on a meaning all its own for me. I wanted to get back to happy Johnny.  Little Bits of Heaven is part of the soundtrack for that journey.  Music is truly an true Acoustic Remedy. 

music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

I met up with a wise man

and I told him my life story

how I always seem to feel things in extremes

I'm either dancin' on a mountain top

or crawlin' through a valley

don't seem to get too much time in between

Now why is it that sometimes life goes easy,

and I just feel so happy day to day?

I taste a little bit of heaven and it frees me, yeah.

then all at once, the feelin' goes away

and he say


You take the little bits of heaven

and you string the together

into memories of things you love so well

and then the little bits of heaven

will hold you together

as you struggle through the little bouts of hell

hey. hey , yeah, yeah


I asked "how 'm I gonna live a life of passion

when I also want to live a life of peace?"

and he said "Balance is the highest form of action, yeah,

but sometimes most difficult to achieve.

Watcha do?



Well, heaven is a state of mind

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

woah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Well, whatcha look for, you will find

oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

woah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh


And, so, my friend, the next time you're dejected

Frustrated, and devoid of all your dreams

just conjure up some happy memories you've protected, yeah

Then sing this song

an Acoustic Remedy

here we go...


Spanish Chorus


Tomas  tus  trocitos de cielo

Y  los haces recuerdos O

Cosas que  te hagan sentir bien (muy bien)

Y asi tus trocitos de cielo te 

sacan del  abismo cuando sientes que te  CAes  dentro de  el

El cielo esta en tu corazon 

Busca y encontraras

no hay espacio, ni tiempo

hey. hey , yeah, yeah


Repeat Chorus and fade out

 All vocals by Johnny Schaefer

©copyright 1989, 2013 Johnny Schaefer Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP

Spanish translation by Paco Sanchez


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