Track 4: Mashup: Midnight Blue/Lights of Dawn

Mashup: Midnight Blue/Lights of Dawn

Melissa Manchester was a beacon of light for me in the dark closet growing up in Porterville, CA.  Her comforting songs of affirmation and self-worth guided me and in that I am not alone.  Filmmaker Abe Silvia wrote and directed a lovely film, Dirty Girl, recently and it had an amazing cast.  It was about two kids, one of them very much like me and it was filled with Melissa's music.  Melissa is recording a new album and as part of her fan-funded campaign launched a video contest.  We were to post a video of "our best performance" of her music.  Before I had even finished watching the video of Melissa telling about the contest this mashup had burst into my brain.  I was surprised, myself, at how well Lights of Dawn and Midnight Blue fit together.  I tried to keep the integrity of each song while turning them both into something new.  How did I do?

Mashup: Midnight Blue/Lights of Dawn

Boats rockin' slow on the water

Wheat fields just wave good-bye

Pictures to you of my roamin'

alone at night

Oh, what a surprise

Even I look on to see the lights of dawn

Whatever it is it'll keep 'til the morning

Haven't we both got better things to do?

Midnight Blue

Even the simple things become rough

Haven't we had enough?

 And I think we can make it

Daylight so bright it comes easy

one more time,

To rest a weary soul

if we try

When holdin' on gets you weary....

One more time for all the old times

just let it go Oh, What a surprise

 Even I look on, to see

the lights Midnight Blue  of dawn

 For all of the times you told me you need me

Needing me now is something I could

use…Midnight Blue

Sometimes you just believe

That broken hearts will mend

In matters of the heart you know

Time is the oldest friend.

 And Wouldn't you give your hand to a friend?

Think of me as your friend

And I think we can make it

Love comes when no one is lookin',

one more time,

And brings you home to stay

if we try

All of my life I've been longing to feel

this way,

Oh, What a surprise

You and I

 are goin’

to see the lights

of dawn

i think we can make it

If we try

Lights of Dawn

 Music and lyrics by Melissa Manchester

©1979 Rumanian Pickleworks Music-BMI

 Midnight Blue

 by Melissa Manchester and Carole Bayer Sager

©1974 New York Times Music, Inc./Rumanian Pickleworks Music, BMI


Mashup of Midnight Blue and Lights of Dawn

arranged and performed by Johnny Schaefer

Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP

 Produced by Johnny Schaefer and George Reich

at Hereafter Studios, Glendale, CA

Video by Clandestino


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