1. April Fool

From the recording Acoustic Remedy

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April Fool

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Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


April Fool

Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

Los Angeles is a wonderful land of possibilities. The church I sing in has families and individuals from 37 countries at last count. If one is open to the experience, there is so much to learn from other cultures and perspectives. Sometimes those differences can give rise to conflict. Relationships are difficult enough, but that is complicated by differing worldviews. The famous saying is that "Variety is the spice of life", but spices can be a bit jarring until a person gets acclimated to them. April Fool, then, is about culture clash in a romantic relationship and the rewards that come from working through and embracing our differences

I thought we'd found a way across each other's borders

and into a place where we can coexist

and I know that God's not sitting up there taking orders

but I'm sure He sees the beauty in an unconventional relationship like this

Sometimes communication suffers from our cultures

the things we grew up with seem like guarded walls

but there is so much to learn if we fight off the vultures

circling round us when we falter

attacking love and understanding when they call


I've been an April Fool

But if I promise to try, oh,

Could we be back together

by Cinco de Mayo

I never knew there were so many ways to see things

And being with you has really opened my mind

You constantly challenge me and give my life new meaning

And I know sometimes it's messy

but if we look, it's often brilliant what we find


I am not my mistakes

and you are not yours, too

It seems we give, it seems we take

but come on, all this silence just won't do


The vultures come from us

That's why we can stop them in their flight

©copyright 2013 Johnny Schaefer Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP

All vocals by Johnny Schaefer