"Don't You dare" Electronic Press kit

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DYD Promotional Photos This file contains headshots of Author Gayla Turner, SInger-Songwriter-Guitarist Jill Knight, and Singer-Songwriter Johnny Schaefer. The Digital cover fot he "Don't You Dare (DYD) single. Images of the DYD Book Cover, and the YouTube Thumbnail for the music video. 9.07 MB
Don't You Dare Press Release A Press release with all the info on Gayla Turner's beautiful book, "Don't You Dare," the audiobook, the song, and the music video along with bios all in one place. 257 KB

"Don't You Dare" Audiobook

LGBTQ Creators come together to tell a timeless story

Author Gayla Turner found boxes of photos and letters in her mother's closet that would impact her life forever. They revealed a love story between her grandmother, Ruby, and another woman in a secret bohemian LGBTQ community in rural Wisconsin a century ago. Gayla shares her fascinating story of self-affirmation and discovery as she traveled to Wisconsin to uncover the details of the lives of the people in Ruby's photos and letters. It's both a modern story during a time when LGBTQ rights are under attack all over again, and a beautful retelling of her grandmother's story Gayla was able to construct after years of research. Award-winning singer-songwriter Johnny Schaefer was so moved by the story that he wrote a song which is being incorporated into the new Audiobook version of Don't You Dare, available on Audible and all of the Audiobook outlets. Jill Knight's soulful rendition of Johnny's song is available here and on all major streaming and downloading platforms worldwide.

Learn more about Jill Knight and her music here.