It's nearly impossible to pull something like this off by yourself (though CD Baby, etc. has made it all much easier-or not, it's a crapshoot), and who would want to?  The process of collaborating is so much of the fun.  Creating the music I share here has been the happiest experience of my life.  It has been absolutely extraordinary. 

To those who have given financial support to keep all this going. Because it is SO dang hard to make money at this! 

This page will be a work in progress because there are SO MANY people to thank. These are in no particular order on purpose, because it is over  long period of time and there is so much to be grateful for. So please don't make any assumptions about where anyone is on the list. Well, except for this net one... 

I am grateful to my wonderful husband, Paco Silva  for his love, companionship, creative input, level-headedness, passion, and immeasurable support.  There is no way I could have done this without him.  And to top it off, he's the best videographer around, and I don't have to pay anything, lol. 

I am grateful to Stephan Oberhoff for his immense skill as a producer/arranger/player and guide. You really get to the heart of my music and blend in so much of yourself. Such a joy and honor to work with you. Thank you, brother, for allowing me to play in the Creation Station where dreams are realized. 

Boundless thanks to Melissa Manchester for being a beacon of light in a critical time of my life, for showing us how it's sung, for your phenomenal songs, and for allowing us into your journey in such a way. And now, thanks for coming to the party with my song! May the light reach far and wide. 

I am grateful to Sue Holder for swinging doors open, lending her beautiful voice, guidance in a pinch, encouragement and for pointing me in the right direction again and again.  I also appreciate the way she sort of picked me out of a crowd.  Very kind.

Thanks to Sandy Shore, Sue, Esther, Rowan, and Donna at for believing in me and my music and for utilizing your wonderful resources to spread the light through music. 

Thanks to Bolton Hill for the terrific remixes of "You Can't Hide the Light," for collaborating on "Who Put the Ghosts There, Te Halloween Party Mixes," for a new friendship, and for the Cubase tutoring even though I am sure I drive you nuts.  

I am grateful to Deb Ann for many years of friendship, inspiration, support and love, and for the beautiful artwork on From Here to Nativity and "Who Put the Ghosts There? The Halloween Party Mix" You can check out her work here and here.

Thanks, Jason Dauman, for leading me into the EDM world. 

Luigie "Lugo" Gonzalez for the terrific remixes of You Can't Hide the Light.

The judges and everyone at the UK Songwriting Contest

Thanks to my brother Marty Schaefer for letting me bounce things off him, and for his valuable perspective. 

I am grateful to Rodger Guerrero for his decades of friendship and love and for the many things, musical, spiritual, intellectual and practical he has taught me. 

I am grateful to Gayla Turner for her love and support and for sharing so much with me. I'm so excited and your book, "Don't You Dare."

I am grateful to Betsy Brown for her kindred spirit, loving patience, spiritual perspective, for treating me to Beth Hart, and for the great photo.

To Daniel Henry-Smith who partners with Paco through his company, Siren Arts Productions for your creativity, your knowledge, your generosity,  your fun parties (thanks, Artis, as well), your talent, for nailing the vision on the You Can't Hide the Light video, and for introducing us to Europe. 

I am grateful to my wonderful family for their love, encouragement and support over the years.  I am sure it hasn't always been easy.  Thank you!  I love you. 

Thank you, Teresa Tudury for being such an inspiration, for your blazing light, for your wonderful radio show, for spinning my songs alongside such wondrous talent, and for your humor.

Thank you, Terry Wollman, for guidance, your recommendation, your vast knowledge, and for your terrific music. 

Thank you, Jamie Glaser and Don Zickefoose of JG Social Media Solutions for your undying support and expertise. 

Thanks Lisa and Nancy at Bug Blend TV and Radio for always finding a place for me in your parlor.

Thank you Andre Pittmon for your help.

Thanks, Richard Mojica and Mijo Entertainment, for your awesomeness. 

Thank you, Franklin "Donnie D" Lewis for inviting me to the conversation. Best of luck with your book, "From Crack to Christ." 

I am grateful to Lori Braley for hours of attention she gave to my songs and honest feedback.  Many hugs to you, sweetheart.

Thanks, Lisa Barr, for your constant friendship and beautiful art. 

I am grateful to George Reich for decades of collaboration and creation, for getting to know my musical sensibilities so well and going along with my crazy notions.  I am also grateful to him for talking me down from the crazier ones.  Thanks for your musicianship, your focus and your friendship.

Thanks, Davina Kotulski, for encouragement and support, and for your wisdom. 

I am grateful to Gwen Young for believing in me early on and for your love, wisdom, support, and encouragement. 

I am grateful collectively and individually to the Blessed Sacrament Choir members.  You are amazing and I love each of you.  And also to the Blessed Sacrament community at large for their acceptance, love and support.

Thank you, Daniel Garza for being the first to interview me as a musician and for your ongoing support. 

I am grateful to Sara Shakliyan-Mendez for her musical contributions on Your Sweater, It's About Love, Celebration Mix and Love Shines On, her patience, and for her honest feedback.

I am grateful to Sara, Lisa, Louie Ulanday and Tom Madrid, Jr. for their chorus vocals on It's About Love, Celebration Mix. 

I am grateful to Ron Fredryck for taking time out of his busy schedule to offer musical input, for the laughs and for keeping my hair looking so good. 

I am grateful to Michael Canyon Drebert for his fantastic insights and the truly magnificent video he made for Invocation.  Namaste, sir.

I am grateful to Regina Bunye-Johnson for frequent input and the lovely flute playing in These are the Walls. 

I am grateful to Lisa Ulanday for her amazing vocals on It's About Love, Celebration Mix and Wake Up!  Brava, diva!  You GO! 

Thank you to people who were unintentional facilitators of wonderful changes that, despite your best efforts, worked out to my advantage. Namaste.

I am grateful to Lynn Kowal for her support, expertise and love,  Hugs to you, little sis. 

Thank you, Dale Anderson and Dave Rasmussen for the great foundation.

Thank you, Cal State Fullerton, for a great education for all three Schaefer boys and for employing my brother.

I am grateful to Paul Nowell for his enthusiasm and for playing on So Cold.  What a fantastic job!

I am grateful to Carol Robbins for her lovely magic and artistry with the harp on the Row, Row/Moon River Mashup and to her husband Buddy Halligan for enabling us to record with him at the USC School of Cinematic Arts Soundstage-an experience I will never forget.  

I am grateful to Christoph Bull for his wonderfully musical keyboard tracks on So Cold and for decades of friendship. 

 Denise Menchaca and Corina Rivera for their support and friendship. 

Thanks, Kevin Barber, for decades of friendship and for the cool guitar solo on The Baby in the Cake

I am grateful to Jorge Sarmiento for his terrific photography and his friendship. 

I am grateful to Lisa Barr for years of friendship and lovely art. 

I am grateful to Jeff Lindfors at LPO for terrific design work.

I am grateful to Alexis Salamanca for the terrific and quick turnaround on the fliers. 

I am grateful to Sandy Rosco for being such a great advocate for things she believes in, and for believing in me. 

I am grateful to the folks at CD Baby for making  distribution so easy. 

I am grateful to the lgbtq community in Porterville CA for their bravery, perseverance and class. 

I am grateful to Virginia Gurrola for her courage. 

I am grateful to for their amazing work to end deep poverty and for partnering with me on  my first album project. 

Thank you Valerie Milano, for valuable press coverage.

Thank you, Dana and Gina Coates for support and friendship over the years.

Thank you, Mary Wilson, for your kindness and support. 

I am grateful to Marianne Williamson for the countless ways she has enriched my life and for so generously giving me access to her material for my first album. 

I am grateful to Chad Ellis for his musicianship and lending his creativity to my projects. 

I am grateful to Bram Stoker Award-winning author Elizabeth Massie for the honor of setting her beautifu poem, All the Babes on Christmas Born to music.

I am grateful to Jennifer Steers, Lisa Ulanday and Louie Ulanday for lending their spot-on vocals to the backup tracks on All the Babes on Christmas Born

I am grateful to people who have taught me things that have informed these songs, whether through relationships, conversations, example, art or accident.

This is just a start, so hang in there...