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Finlandia Brasileira

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Music by Jean Sibelius
Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer
Arranged by Stephan Oberhoff


Finlandia Brasiliera
(A Prayer for Christmas Eve)

We come to thee in awe and adoration
For, on this eve, our savior has been born
Through darkest hour, we’ve suffered tribulation
But now, through grace, we greet a brilliant morn

With candles gleaming, Lord, we are reminded
You are the light which shines away the dark
Restoring sight to those who have been blinded
Restoring hope and joy to every heart

Oh Lord, we feel your angels all around us
And with our spirit, we can hear them sing
For we were lost, but through your Son you found us
So, we rejoice, the angels echoing

Oh Lord, we pray the warmth we feel this evening
Will keep away to cold the winter brings
We pray the gifts your children are receiving
Will glorify the love from which they spring
And that by tending to a world that’s grieving
We can give back a loving offering
So please accept this loving gift we bring