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Here's What I Want

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music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Here's What I Want

What's this I see?

You've been lyin' to impress me

Givin' up things you love

to try and second-guess me

Tryin' to see

What I want you to be

Well, here's what I want

Yeah, now here's what I want:


I want you to be you

not who you think I want you to

You are always best when you are real

Be you it is the smartest thing to do

I won't want to love a lie

Be you, or it'll all come back on you

If the face you show us isn't true

isn't true

What's this I hear you've been changin' to surprise me

Givin' up things you love to try and tantalize me

Well, you've got my heart

So don't work so hard

Now here's what I want

Yeah, Here's What I Want


Now if there are things

you really want to change

that's fine

I've always loved to see you grow

Just understand

I love exactly who you are

And might light for you will always shine

...always shine

As long as you


©1987. 2013 Johnny Schaefer Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP