1. Lighten Up

From the recording Acoustic Remedy

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Lighten Up

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music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Lighten Up

Eddie was a timid young man

not most confident around

told himself he must be perfect,

so he always let himself down

then, one day, he'd had enough

said "It's time for me to show my stuff

time for me to take that leap and see where I land"


Gotta lighten up on myself from now on

Gotta open my mind to what I would not before

Gotta lighten up on myself from now on

Because I don't want be timid no more

Eddie's got a stack of empty pages

gonna be a writer someday

but he ain't written too much yet

though he's got so much to say

scared to make mistakes

like he's never seen delete keys

like he's never heard of rewrites'and tryin' again


because I don't wanna be lazy no more

Eddie's got a picture on his wall

of someone he once revered

tells himself they're still in love

though they have not met in years

then one day he looks around

says "I've wasted so much time, and now,

gotta find someone who's real"

Eddie takes the picture down


because I don't wanna be lonely no more

don't wanna be a timid by

don't wanna be a lazy noy

don't wanna be a lonely boy

Lightenin' up on myself from now on...

because I don't have to be perfect, no more

©2013 Johnny Schaefer