1. Love Shines On

From the recording Acoustic Remedy

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Love Shines On

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Music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


This song was originally the finale for a musical I wrote. It is meant as a positive uprising of oppressed minorities as a testament for the ultimate, inevitable triumph of love in the world. Many friends from my beloved Blessed Sacrament Church Choir joined me for this recording. It was a joyous experience.

Track 17: Love Shines On

Once I was naieve

determined and bold

There was no doubt

we'd all live to be old

But now so much around me has changed

And I search for the meaning

in the rage

God give us strength to see this through

Sometimes the world seems stronger than you

But then you give us power to rise

as we stand before the challenge of our lives

and though though some people debate us

break our hearts

and even hate us

nothing will ever separate us from our love


'Cause Love Shines On through the darknes

and Love Shines On through the fear

and love will take us shining through the years

Sometimes we don't know where well find strength

We feel overwhelmed by sorrow and pain

Until we find, with help from above

That we hold within our hearts the power of love

If we could all join together now

sharing our hope and taking this vow

that nothing will ever tear us apart

we could unleash the love within our hearts


We come from every walk of life

Surpassing our fear

Uniting in strife

as we hear a new drum and fife

leading us on...

counter chorus

Brother they don't know us

and sister, were strong

together we sing the chorus of a new song

that, one day, they'll all join us

when they finally see

the love that we share is all that has to be

Chorus twice

©2001, 2013, Johnny Schaefer, Auditory Verve Music