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These Are the Walls (feat. Regina Bunye)

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Words and music by Johnny Schaefer
Flute by Regina Bunye


These Are the Walls

music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

This is the house we lived in

I guess we won't live here anymore

Soon I'll go my way

Just like you went yours

These are the walls I painted

and this is the floor you made me sweep

this is the bed where we did more than sleep


I still feel like we're together

Even as we get torn apart

gotta learn to accept things as they are

This is the door we opened

and this is the porch you lit each night

I've always loved to come home to that light

This is our kitchen table

well, now it's just wood, a bench, some chairs

Love made it seem like magic happened there


Maybe one day I'll see you

and we will decide to smile

then we'll forget our troubles for a while

maybe we'll reconsider

the terrible things we both have said

maybe we'll find our love was never dead

© copyright 2013- Johnny Schaefer- Auditory Verve music

all vocals by Johnny Schaefer, featuring Regina Bunye on flut