1. Time to Cry

From the recording Acoustic Remedy

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Time to Cry

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Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Time to Cry

This is one of the first songs I ever wrote and I have recorded it several times. It was a song I wrote for my Mom to cheer her up. This version was a recorded in 1998, but I like it. As Marianne Williamson says, if you have 100 tears to cry and you only cry 30 of them, you still have 70 more tears to go. If you don't shed them, they will turn into illness, physical or mental. Tears cleanse you. Take the Time to Cry.

You've been hanging' on a thread for so long

And you've been blowin' in the wind

and you can't hold on no more

time to let your feelings out

you can hear the dreamers shout

once they've learned

what life's about


When it's Time to Cry

Time to free the tear

that's swelling in your eye

I will be right here

and I will wipe it dry

If you take the Time to Cry

Time to Cry

Even though you may not know

the reason why

It don't mean you're weak

It just means you're alive

There are times you need to cry

You've been takin' on the world for so long

and you've been such a lonely girl,

you don't feel so strong now

time to let your feelings out

won't you please let me hear you shout

then I'll show you what love's about


It can't wait until tomorrow

Now's the time to let your sorrow go


© copyright 1985 Johnny Schaefer, Auditory Verve Music. ASCAP