1. Waves

From the recording Acoustic Remedy

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Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Track 5: Waves

My baby broke it off today

and I've got no job

I never dreamed that things could get this way

I've been bummin' hard

So I look up my old buddy

for a great escape

Yeah, he has always been there for me

to chase clouds away


And he calls me

"Hey dude! Hey dude!

We've got a whole day before us

What d' you wanna do?

Well, we can breeze on down to a beachside town

or cruise round by the caves

Your love's in embers

but you must remember

that life always happens in waves

...in waves, ooo, in waves

Well, the sun ain't gonna come today

It looks like rain

and I was hopin' to have some fun today

so I complained

and I looked up my old buddy crusin' round my hood

and he said "Well hey now, don't cry, Johnny

It won't do no good"


We've got our whole lives before us

Watch your attitude

Well, we can't change the sky, or your friends, or the tide

So, bro, your kicks have gotta come from inside

"Hey," he said, "You must understand"

as he kicked his feet round in the sand

That life always happens in waves

ooo, in waves...

© copyright 2013- Johnny Schaefer- Auditory Verve music

All vocals by Johnny Schaefer