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Your Sweater (feat. Sara Shakliyan-Mendes)

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Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Your Sweater feat. Sara Shakliyan-Mendes

This is another song I wrote in college, but I reworked it extensively for this album. It hints at romantic love, but it actually came from my experience as a child. My parents divorced and when my Mom left I used to go into her room and smell her sweaters. I was a way of connecting to her-that scent brought back a flood of good memories. The song evolved from there. I am honored to have Dr. Sara Shakliyan-Mendes playing with me on this. I'm sure such an intimate song won't be for everyone. But I couldn't leave it off this record.

You left your sweater here

the one with all the colors

the one that makes me glad it's winter time

I know it inside out

I know its every snag

I must've read that stupid tag

a thousand times

and you know what they say

'bout "it's a cold, cold world,

it'll freeze you if you let it"

But there's warmth here in these arms unfurled

Why don't you come back and get it?

You left your sweater here

the one that makes me shiver

the one that wraps me up and ties me down

Your sweater keeps me warm

no fire holds a candle to it

but only when you're wearin' it

I hold your sweater to me

bury my face

smothering in your scent and

imagining your gaze

while in my head, the most impressive music plays

and plays

I get a nervous cough

when you take your sweater off

because I'm not sure what it means

Your sweater looks so good

You really should be proud

You fill it up with love

it's empty now

you left

but your sweater's here

©1985, 2013 Johnny Schaefer, Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP