1. Unflown

From the recording Unflown

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Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Lyrics for Unflown
If I should wake up one morning,
Full-grown wings upon my back,
Would I be afraid of soaring
Far beyond my cul-de-sac?
Would I fear those heights unknown?
Would I fear the things I'd see?
Would those fears mean flights Unflown?
Would the birds be welcoming?

If we keep searching without finding,
Time to take a higher view.
When the road gets long and winding,
We’ll fly as crows and eagles do.
Inside you there are heights unknown.
Oh, the wondrous things you'll see.
Don't let fears mean flights Unflown.
Have you forgotten that you're free?

As you navigate your pathways,
Turn the stones that catch your eye.
Don’t let anyone you pass say
You were too afraid to fly.
If you've got wings and never use them
They will fold and waste away
Fledglings flinch ‘til skies seduce them
You’re supposed to fly away.

Music, Lyrics, and lead vocals by Johnny Schaefer, ASCAP
© Copyright 2020, Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP. All rights reserved.