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Finlandia Brasileira


Finlandia Brasileira

Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer, music by Jean Sibelius

Years ago I wrote a Christmas lyric in the form of a prayer to the beloved melody, Finlandia, by Jean Sibelius. i got to thinking that ithe majestic tune would sing nocely done in Bossa Nova style. I'm a big fan of the music of Stephan Oberhoff (Heartbeat Brazil), who also produced my song Joseph's Prayer. Stephan laid down a wonderful Bossa Nova bed upon which he laid lush harmonies, gorgeous instrumentation, and sultry rhythms. The result is Finlandia Brasileira. Enjoy. 

All the Babes on Christmas Born


All the Babes on Christmas Born

Award-winning author Elizabeth Massie wrote the lyric for this hauntingly beautiful song, set to music by singer-songwriter Johnny Schaefer. it begins quietly with a solo guitar and instruments chime in gradually, then a choir, as it builds and soars to a stunning crescendo at the glorious end. To read the lyrics and more, just click "Read More" below. 


Song info and lyrics for the eclectic album Acoustic Remedy


There are 17 songs on Acoustic Remedy with more than 74 minutes of music.  Here you will find a little story about each song, lyrics, and links to any videos. 


Track 1: Little Bits of Heaven


Track 1: Little Bits of Heaven

Reggae/pop tune about choosing what you focus on. Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer


Track 2: April Fool


Track 2: Music and Lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

Jazz ballad about culture clash in relationships.


Track 3: These are the Walls feat. Regina Bunye


Track 3: These are the Walls featuring Regina Bunye

music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

Quirky pop ballad about moving on.  With cool flute playing by Regina Bunye.


Track 4: Mashup: Midnight Blue/Lights of Dawn

Track 5: Waves


Track 5: Waves music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

Grab your surfboard...

Track 6: Time to Cry


Track 6: Time to Cry music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

R & B Ballad about not bottling up your emotions.

Track 7: Your Sweater feat. Sara Shakliyan-Mendes


Track 6: Your Sweater feat. Sara Shakliyan-Mendes

Song about sensory obsessions featuring the sultry piano stylings of Sara Shakliyan-Mendes.


Track 8: So Cold feat. Christoph Bull and Paul Nowell


Track 8: So Cold feat. Christoph Bull and Paul Nowell

Jazz ballad about the freezing sting of rejection with Christoph Bull on piano and Paul Nowell on trombone.

Track 9: Closer than you Think


Track 9: Closer than You Think feat. Marianne Williamson

A life-changing prayer about release in relationships set to a contemporary pop groove.


Track 10: Here's What I Want


Track10: Here's What I Want

80's flavored tribute to Psychadelic Furs and Bowie about getting real.


Track 11: Lighten Up


Track 11 Lighten Up music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer

Mumford and sons-type vocal  folk ballad about perfectionism and procrastination.

Track 12: It's About Love-Celebration Mix


It's About Love-Celebration Mix-Johnny wrote this song in response to California's ill-fated Prop 8 just after it passed in 2008.  He was privileged to sing it on the steps of the CA Supreme Court the night before the first trial.  Though there is still far to go, he decided to bring In the talented Lisa Ulanday and some other friends to sing this Celebration Mix.

Here is a link to the original video. 


Track 13: Invocation: Featuring Marianne Williamson


Track 13: Invocation: The Golden Sequence and "A Way In" featuring Marianne Williamson

An 800 year old Gregorian chant and a beautiful prayer by one of today's most celebrated author/lecturers are melded together in a transformative meditation piece that reaches beyond set traditions.  Be sure to watch Michael Canyon Drebert's stunning video. 


Track 14: Follow your Road


Track 14: Follow your Road-music and lyrics by Bob Wilson, If you've heard this song before, it was done in a very different way.  The jazz fusion classic is reworked as a light reggae-flavored journey that explores the bright-eyed, youthful exuberance of the lyric.  This is not intended as a replacement.  Go explore the earlier recordings to hear the magic of this song and let me know what you think of my spin on it.  


Track 15: Mashup: Row, Row/Moon River


Mashup:  Row, Row/Moon River-Music by Henry Mancinci, lyrics by Johnny Mercer

I try to do covers in a completely new way and this is how I felt these two classics.  I am honored to sing here with terrific jazz harpist Carol Robbins, who does an exquisite job. 


Track 16: Wake Up!-featuring Marianne Williamson


Track 16: Wake Up!-featuring Marianne Williamson.  Excerpts from Marianne Williamson's riveting New Year's Eve, 2012 lecture as well as numerous other lectures and interviews over the past decades form the foundation of this spiritual wake up call.  Marianne's commitment to, aiming to end world hunger, are highlighted.  


Track 17: Love Shines On


Track 17: Love Shines On-music and lyrics by Johnny Schaefer, This song was originally the finale for a musical I wrote.  It is meant as a positive uprising of oppressed minorities as a testament to the ultimate, inevitable triumph of love in the world.

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