Johnny Schaefer's What Kind of Love?

A searing critique of US Federal immigration enforcement practices which have resulted in the imprisonment, abuse, rape, and forced sterilization of thousands of legitimate asylum seekers and refugees, and the separation of families who flee death and oppression in South America and elsewhere. ading

The compelling music video was created by Paco Silva and Daniel Henry-Smith on a concept created by Johnny Schaefer. It features Sehnita Joshua Mattison as a news anchor introducing Schaefer, who sings the song as though it is a commentary on the “Mourning News” (the ‘U’ is intentional) on imaginary station, “WTF.” 

“If ever there was a time and a topic to be angry about, it is this,” said Schaefer. “I do not even think it is appropriate to mince words. People are dying and being tormented on our watch. It has to stop!” 

The video features four of more than 20 Bible verses that specifically call for loving treatments of strangers and immigrants when Johnny sings “You read scriptures on welcoming strangers, and yet you abhor them.” It also highlights various headlines that expose atrocities such as forced hysterectomies, sexual molestation of thousands of children, needless deaths in captivity, and a Federal judge who declared that toddlers are capable of representing themselves in immigration court. 

The music and lyrics of “What Kind of Love” are by Johnny Schaefer, Auditory Verve Music, ASCAP, who sings the song. The recording is produced and arranged by Gary Stockdale, who also provides backup vocals. Percussion is by MB Gordy and was recorded in his Riot Drum Studio with Lucas Fehring serving as engineer. Gregory Prestopino Mixed and Mastered the recording.    

Johnny Schaefer has created a page on his website,,  where interested parties can find contact information for organizations that are trying to advocate for immigrants. 

“It is my hope that this song and video will be irrelevant very soon because the camps have been closed and real immigration reform is initiated, but I cannot remain silent. I hope you can’t, either” said Schaefer. 

“What kind of love justifies your disdain? 

What kind of love won’t empathize with such pain? 

What kind of God wants a cage in His name? 

We’re just told to love 

Is that asking too much?” 

                               -from “What Kind of Love” by Johnny Schaefer

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To get involved with organizations that are actively working to close the camps, explore: 


 Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services 

 American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)  

 Catholic Migration Services

Trans Latin Coalition   

Human Rights Campaign

 Contact Johnny: if you know of other organizations that can help.